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Meet the amazing woman behind 'Sweet Little Story'

How did ‘Sweet Little Story’ come about?

I actually started my Instagram account because my sister moved interstate, and it seemed like an easy way to share photos of Valentina with her! Vali was only 12 months old then, and I had NO IDEA WHATSOEVER about this big world of social media!! It's all just happened by chance for us, and I'm so very grateful.

What’s the best part about your blog ?

It sounds a bit cliche but the best bit is all the gorgeous, like minded mamas I've been fortunate enough to meet! It's a funny, amazing, beautiful thing, this Instagram community of ours! I also love that I have a collection of photos of my darling babes, all in teeny squares.

How has motherhood changed you?

In some ways I feel it's changed nothing, yet in other ways I feel it's changed absolutely everything!! I'm the same old me I've always been, yet my whole outlook, way of thinking, my interests have shifted majorly! Once you get your mothers heart, you are truly forever changed. (Plus I've got a few extra kgs, fine lines and grey hairs to add to it all!!


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There is a third baby on the way… how do you find juggling it all …. ?!

Well, ask me again in 6 months once this babe is here!!! I might not be juggling at all!! ..This new teeny life is a big, huge, major surprise to us, but one we know is meant to be. I've found having two little ones so much fun (most times!!!) but to be utterly honest, the thought of three scares me a tad!! But I have a very supportive and involved husband, my beautiful mum who is always by my side, and the most precious gang of girls and their own babes that I do life with, so I know that I know that I KNOW that they'll help me through the craziness that three may bring. 

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