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With the arrival of my second Baby Cleo.. I was completely out of the loop on what prams where out there and what exactly I wanted or needed in a pram... and since there is a 6 year gap between my two babies it was like starting again.  !

I teamed up with Joolz to review their latest Day2 pram ... and I absolutely love it.

Naturally as Mum with a newborn I've been spending a lot of time walking with the pram to get Cleo to sleep so it's been brilliant for maneuvering around the uneven, bumpy streets in our area.   The wheels are firm but somehow lightweight so they handle really well.  During the day we sometimes head to The Greens North Sydney and sit outside, have lunch and coffee. 

Cleo absolutely loves sleeping in her pram.  I pull the shade down (which has really good coverage) and rock her off. The mattress is comfy but supportive.  Underneath the pram is a basket which is surprisingly big and fits so much in it ... I've got her blue book, bag of nappies, wipes, wrap (blue wrap seen is by My General Store), change of clothes etc.... the list goes on. Basically everything I need for bubba lives underneath the pram and it all fits perfectly.

This time round I am determined to keep fit and get the baby weight off  ... so I am doing a lot of power walking. Obviously this isn't designed to be a running pram but I find it very sturdy and strong and feel Cleo is safe and secure as I burn off the calories.  There is also a zip-up cover on the bassinette part of the pram so if it's windy or cold you just zip that up and bubba is nice and cosy.

I wanted a pram that was stylish and modern, so I loved the Camel Beige. It's a very stylish yet classic colour. It's also neutral so whether you are having a girl or a boy it would look amazing. There is aluminium details and brown leather handles,  which my husband absolutely loves ... he calls it the Bentley of prams.

I can remember the pram I had with my first baby was so hard to pack away in the boot it was clunky and had this 'knack' to opening or putting it away ... it use to really stress me out. The Joolz Day2 has a very modern snap-in technology which is super easy to get the bassinet part off, and the handle snaps in and out as well. It folds away really well. The size is compact and easy to pack away in the boot of the car without me having a meltdown.

I also find the bassinet is amazing for having her near me when I am working...  I unlock the bassinet and place her at my feet and get on with things.

I absolutely love this pram, I love the space in the basket, the shade covers Cleo really well, the colour is modern and cool, it's roomy and spacious but not ridiculously big that you can't fit anywhere. Cleo feels at home in it, so it's definitely a 10 out of 10 from us !

Claire wears ...
Iris and Ink Pants,
J Crew Striped Top, Adidas Shoes, P E Nation Pants, J Crew Jacket and Bambino Diamonds

Cleo wears  ...
Tutu Du Monde Wrap by My General Store


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