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Fashion Week... #MumandBub highlights


It feels like a lifetime ago but last month we attended Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at CarriageWorks. This year I took my little Cleo along with me and we had so much fun  I think I was the only person pushing a pram around(and in the most stylish pram too... the new @Joolzau Day2 pram in camel beige...)

I opted for complete comfort this year, as having the baby with me I had to be comfortable and able to walk and push the pram... so the heels were ditched and I wore Adidas joggers, black jeans and a Rebecca Vallance jacket.

Cleo had started to lose it at this point and was screaming ... she had had enough farshion for the day! ... So I am darting off back to the car to head home.

While there, we were super excited to support our friend Patreece from Duskii ! Duskii has just launched a tween's swimmer collection which was debuted on the runaway. This new collection sits alongside her existing women's swimwear.  I have at least 3 swimsuits from Duskii and they are all so flattering. Well worth looking at their site!

Cleo sleeping in between shows in her Joolz Day2   ... she loves sleeping in her pram. Yeah! Cleo wears @jacadi @tutudumonde @joolzau

I also attended a Net A Porter event during fashion week that was just incredible... held at Beta Bar in Sydney.  

Mr Cook the Florist created an incredible white flower wall with beautifully scented roses and orchids... Just amazing. 

  My lovely husband baby bjorned Cleo for the night so I got to mingle and chat to people. It was so much fun...

This is me getting ready these days .. which involves both kids on the floor, my yoga mat out as a track for my son's cars ... baby wipes and nappies on floor ... but hey we made it. !


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Joolz ... our stylish and practical baby wheels ...

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Norah and her little family

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Angela & Audrey @ClassicBabyToys and their precious moments

How has Audrey changed your life?Audrey has completed our family - we always wanted two children and having a girl was a huge bonus.Diamond Heart Bracelets in white and yellow goldWhat moment makes you smile (or laugh out loud) the most?I love it when Audrey wakes up and I go into her room because she [...]

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