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Meet the amazing woman behind 'Sweet Little Story'

How did ‘Sweet Little Story’ come about?

I actually started my Instagram account because my sister moved interstate, and it seemed like an easy way to share photos of Valentina with her! Vali was only 12 months old then, and I had NO IDEA WHATSOEVER about this big world of social media!! It's all just happened by chance for us, and I'm so very grateful.

What’s the best part about your blog ?

It sounds a bit cliche but the best bit is all the gorgeous, like minded mamas I've been fortunate enough to meet! It's a funny, amazing, beautiful thing, this Instagram community of ours! I also love that I have a collection of photos of my darling babes, all in teeny squares.

How has motherhood changed you?

In some ways I feel it's changed nothing, yet in other ways I feel it's changed absolutely everything!! I'm the same old me I've always been, yet my whole outlook, way of thinking, my interests have shifted majorly! Once you get your mothers heart, you are truly forever changed. (Plus I've got a few extra kgs, fine lines and grey hairs to add to it all!!


Hayley wears Diamond Letter Monogram Earrings in White Gold - by Bambino Diamonds

There is a third baby on the way… how do you find juggling it all …. ?!

Well, ask me again in 6 months once this babe is here!!! I might not be juggling at all!! ..This new teeny life is a big, huge, major surprise to us, but one we know is meant to be. I've found having two little ones so much fun (most times!!!) but to be utterly honest, the thought of three scares me a tad!! But I have a very supportive and involved husband, my beautiful mum who is always by my side, and the most precious gang of girls and their own babes that I do life with, so I know that I know that I KNOW that they'll help me through the craziness that three may bring. 

Hayley wears Bambino Diamonds : Diamond Letter Monogram Earrings


My daughter Cleo was born with a critical congenital heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot in February of this year - about 3 in 10,000 babies are born with it so it's rare.... you may have heard of this as 'coincidentally' Jimmy Kimmel's son was also born with TOF a few months ago. It [...]

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Fashion Week... #MumandBub highlights

It feels like a lifetime ago but last month we attended Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at CarriageWorks. This year I took my little Cleo along with me and we had so much fun  I think I was the only person pushing a pram around(and in the most stylish pram too... the new @Joolzau Day2 [...]

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WIN DIAMONDS + DENIMWIN DIAMONDS + DENIM BY SUPPORTING CHILD PROTECTION ADVOCATE BRAVEHEARTS We have teamed up with the lovely team over at Captain and the Gypsy Kid (Sheree is pictured above with her beautiful little family) to support BraveHearts.... This is your chance to Win a 7 piece black and white diamond Infini Ring [...]

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Joolz ... our stylish and practical baby wheels ...

With the arrival of my second Baby Cleo.. I was completely out of the loop on what prams where out there and what exactly I wanted or needed in a pram... and since there is a 6 year gap between my two babies it was like starting again.  ! I teamed up with Joolz to review their [...]

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This year is an extra special Mothers Day for me. As I celebrate mothers day with a new addition to our little family. Our sweet little Cleo was born in early February. She has a very dotting big brother, Enzo who completely adores her. The mother-son mother-daughter bond are different and I cherish both, each [...]

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Baby Aristides #2 Baby Shower

The journey to Baby Aristides no 2 has been a long one ... so my first thoughts were not go to too much trouble... but once I started organising the lunch it kind of blossomed into a special event ! There's quite a gap also between my first who is almost 6... so it does feel [...]

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Meet Liberty & Bastien...

Meet Liberty & Bastien...… Liberty is one half of the dynamic, modern women's fashion brand Watson X Watson. We had the pleasure of shooting Liberty & Bastien in the beautiful Watson X Watson store in Paddington.HAS BASTIEN'S ARRIVAL CHANGED YOUR PERSPECTIVE ON WORKING AND CAREER? Yes and no. I thought I was working hard on my business before the arrival of [...]

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Meet Charlie & Orlando

Meet Charlie & Orlando… Charlie is Director of Portobello PR, a dynamic fashion, beauty and life style agency specialising in PR and digital strategy plus organising some pretty awesome events. Born and raised in the UK Charlie began her PR career in London before moving to Sydney and establishing Portobello PR in 2011.  She has an [...]

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Mae & Hayden from @MaeGabriel takeover Bambino Diamonds Insta....

They are the super cool Mum and son team based in Jersey and they took over our Instagram feed for one very full day ... Read and see all that Mae Gabriel got up to in one day... Good Morning! We are excited to be doing an IG Takeover of Bambino Diamonds. So, we're starting the day with [...]

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